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Makena HangLoose Private Whale Watch Tour (South Maui)

November 15th to April 15th

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Guest (Ages 7+)

From Makena Bay you will be blown away as you are surrounded by picture perfect views of the West Maui Mountains, Haleakala & the Molokini Crater!

HangLoose Whale Watch Tour – Makena/South Side

November 15th to April 15th

  • Winter in Hawai’i is the start of our Whale Season. The arrival of the Humpback Whale is a highly anticipated event here in Hawai’i. The waters surrounding the Hawaiian Islands of Maui, Molokai, Lana’i and Kaho’olawe provide one of the most important habitats for Humpback Whales as they swim non-stop from Alaska and arrive in late November and stay through April. Mothers nursing their calves are usually the first to arrive. The juveniles and newly weaned yearlings are next, followed by the adult males and females. After feeding up to the last minute in Alaska the pregnant females are finally ready to make the long trip and are the last to arrive.
  • Join us on our Hangloose Whale Watch Tours from December to April. Witness adult whales teaching their young how to breach. Try to count the different ways that whales communicate above water such as the exciting Tail, Pec, and Head slaps. Experience the magic and the beauty of these majestic creatures from the intimate front row seats of your kayak. You’re invited to join us for an amazing time on the water. Reserve your spot today, they sell out quickly.​


  • Everyday – 7:00am (6:45 Check in) –
  • 3.5hrs Tour


  • Certified Life Guard Tour Guide
  • Water Safety Lesson
  • Kayak and paddle​
  • Life Vest​
  • Unbelievable Whale Sightings!
  • Fresh Locally Grown Pineapple Skewers & Water
  • Locally made kettle chips
  • Water


  • Everyday – 7:00am (6:45 Check in) –
  • 3.5hrs Tour
  • Person (Ages 7 & up) – $150 per person
  • Tour Includes Fresh cut Pineapple skewers, a bag of locally made kettle chips, and water.
    Gratuities not included

All of our tours are designed with our guest’s SAFETY, physical abilities and level of comfort in mind. Learn Hawaiian legends, stories, and the historical significance of the areas that you are traveling.